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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Most Wonderful Show of The Year!

Well, for me it is! It has been a month now since we met up for this yearly event. Shop owners and Artisans come from all over the US meet up in Valley Forge for a few days of buying, selling, ooohs, ahhs and catching up! We meet new friends and embrace old. This is my fourth time doing this show and it is like "old home week".

At first I was sad to learn that Cathy from The Cheswick Company would not be showing, but she did arrive to help a friend. We were all so happy to see her! She is pictured with me at the top. Not only is her work beautiful and distinctive, but Cathy herself is truly one of my favorite friends here. The next picture is of Millie and Robert Huckabay, owners of American Country and considered in my heart to be the closest of family. Their log cabin is featured in Jill Peterson's book, The Settlement. It is a "must have", for those with a heart for Early American homes and furnishings. Jill was at the show, but I was unable to meet her as she was ill. It is my hope to travel to Georgia and visit with Millie and Robert in the future.

Finally there are a couple of pictures of my Halloween set along with some new wee folk making their first appearance. It was goode to visit and I am already anticipating next year!


lovetheprimlook said...

WOOO HOOO !!!! Look at all those wonderful goodies !!! It was nice to put the names with the faces. I admire all of the people in the pictures. I really need to go to that show...I think my lights were there...maybe next year :)
Hugs, Angie

softinthehead said...

ROFOLMAO! You look like a deer in the headlights in the one with Cathy! You must of had a blast....ah I remember the days "are we there yet?" TOO MUCH FUN! Your old show buddy who is STILL buried in snow in Virginia! Pam

Stacey said...

heh heh~ you should have seen the pics I didn't use Pam! You know I hate my pic taken!and we were sooo not serious. The camera just kept taking pics on it's own with Millie!

well Angie, I think it should be a rule! if your lights are there, you should be too! I had a string of your lights with me~ I keep them with me in case I need them at set up ;0)

homespunheart said...

Great pictures! and wonderful goodies you had displayed. It looks like you had a great time.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love your stuff and would have had a hard time choosing what to get..:)

Sue said...

Loved to read your post and see your pics of the show. It sounds like an absolutely wonderful time. LOVED seeing your work! Wonderful pieces!


Finegan Antiques said...

Glad you had a good show. Its no wonder you had a good one because your things are so wonderful to begin with. I know for me it is not only the show itself but a chance to catch up with good friends both other dealers and customers alike. I have been blessed, because of the shows, to have friends throughout the country. There is nothing like having good friends to share good times with.