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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis the Season

November seems to have gone by me with great haste! My days are filled with caring for my Mom still and enjoying time with my daughters, who are adjusting well to living with Grandma and Poppa up at the big Farmhouse. I see them most days and there is so much laughter between all of us. It does my heart good to know that this decision made together was the right one and they will enjoy their school years here. We are all so much closer and appreciative of each other. I look back now and see how my parents had to make the same difficult decision with me. The best decisions are not selfish ones.
I decided to try doing a local show this past weekend. It is the first one since my Father took so ill and passed away. I wasn't sure just how much I could do to fill a booth with such busy days, but with some help, I managed to fill a small space. I went back to Weston this year and it was wonderful! A bit of winter fell softly upon us as we made our way down the mountain the first night and greeted us on our way back up the next morning. I enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new. It is a tough year for all of us and one can't go into a show without being mindful of the loss of jobs. I did just fine, even with the move from my regular show. Now I begin my work for the January show that will be upon me in a blink.
Above are some pictures of the show, along with my Pickwick Toad on Simply Primitives. Enjoy the Season~


NMK said...

I have a good friend whose husband is a dedicated fisherman....she is Very interested in your darling Santa Fish.....she tried to e-mail you, but wasn't able to....how can she contact you ?

softinthehead said...

To All Concerned: Step away from the hanging Santa"IT'S MINE"!!!!! LOL!

Peng Peng said...

oh, I'm in LOVE with the toad man!