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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I LOVE This Part!

My offerings for Lemon Poppyseeds was scheduled to go up last night. It was apparent to me as the sun dipped below the mountain, that I just wasn't going to pull it off. You see, Helene just wasn't finished speaking to me. I had been trying to sort out drawings and patterns over several days and I pulled out two that tugged at my heart, just waiting to be made. Helene was one... but how to dress her?

Once she was stuf't and details sewn on, her spirit spoke. She reminded me of a long ago friend of the family. "Helene's" father was a diamond cutter and Helene was raised in the old South and a family fortune. She was ancient when I met her and oh, did I love her! She had a slight dowager's hump,and perfectly coiffed-in-a-beehive snow white hair.She was full of life and energy and all about what was proper. She and her husband had no children of their own and she enjoyed befriending a shy young teenager. Once her spirit whispered, the next step was to dress her and off I was yesterday afternoon, looking through my stash to inspire me.. and inspire it did with a shimmery piece of bronze fabric. as I played around I was taken back to a picture of my parent's wedding. The dress on dear Helene is styled as the one my Grandmother wore all those years ago. It took a lot of trial and error, but I pulled it off. I'm so pleased with this piece and she is so dear to me.My little friend Spumoni here was a sketch I did last week. We have all laughed as he was brought to life and Jesslyn asked last night if he could be named after her beloved mousie.

Finally, my inspiration doll, Rosaleen. Rosaleen was the other sketch I drew out last Spring. She was inspired by my friend and fellow artist, Janet from Beecharmer's Cottage. I have fallen hopelessly in love with her wax works and goat milk soap. Rosaleen's skep is an ornie made by Janet and it smells absolutely amazing. As Rosaleen came to life, I found myself humming a tune from another favorite, "The Secret Life of Bees". If you haven't seen this film yet, take a chance, it is a heartwarming story that will touch your heart and stay with you. Rosaleen is one of the character's and I have done her as a older woman, keeping the tradition of her other "sisters" alive.
I love when these dolls whisper to me and let my hands bring them to life and tell a story, if only just to me. They are my joy, woven with memories and people that touch my soul. I am truly blessed.


Baggaraggs: said...

Stacey, you are amazing. These are truly works of ART! I admire you so much. Love to you. Robin of the Baggaraggs.

Tryaps-Naive said...

Stacey, your projects are surprising! I did not receive for a long time so much positive emotions! Some years I search for talented projects of artists, handmaders in Internet-space and I tell about them in the blog http://hloflo.livejournal.com.
It is already difficult to surprise me with something, but your creations are amazing, unusual.
Stacey, I very much wish your of good luck and inspiration to you and health to your close people. I ask to excuse for possible to an error in the text, I do not speak English.

NothingPlainByJane said...

Stacey, You truly are so special and just magical with your ingenius creations, a definite cut above the rest! I felt my face turn into a big smile as usual when I looked at your newest doll postings. Each one of them is a delight to behold, as are you. You amaze me how you can take care of the folks the kids, the home, etc. and still do such beautiful work too. Thank you for enriching my life. Fondly, Jane