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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Woman's Simple Joys

The days here are always full and always busy. Balancing caretaker for two and Mother are both full time tasks now. My girls have always been helpful and have learned to help care for others. In many ways, older than their years. I try to balance it all out for them and give them plenty of time with their cousins and family, they need to have the closeness and memories that will be cherished through their lives.
I am fortunate that I can do what I love, even in doing what I need. Sometimes it is difficult to have enough time to complete the tasks of a business as timely as I'd like, or draw when my head is bursting with ideas. On difficult days, I hold dear what draws me. I love the times of old. I can spend hours in a cemetery reading old time worn stones, but I am needed more at home and just can't take off when the girls are at school. Now, I watch time period movies looking beyond the actors or stories and into the furniture, paint or clothing design. I embrace my tintype and cabinet card collection. I try to fit in fifteen minutes of drawing everyday, no matter what; even so far as to draw in the Emergency Room. I do all of this knowing that life is always about changes. To everything there is always a season. My parent's won't live forever; the girls will be on their way, living their own lives soon and I will do things that I haven't always been able to do. I will be able to decorate my home and furnish it with things I've collected and cherished over the years. I can paint walls and make paintings on them if I wish. The days may be quieter in some regards, but I will always have the art that has been my constant companion for most of my life.
I hold these busy days close to my heart now and very dear, knowing that I am making memories to keep with me when a season passes. I do this knowing that we as women have always done this. We are nurturers and caretakers by nature. Even when daily living was much harder, women would take time in their day, often by candle light and decorate their lives. It could be fancy stitching on a dress or perhaps hooking a rug that would serve a purpose. Some things we cannot change, but we can embrace our simple joys.


maria said...

Very well said.

Meg said...

You're right, dear Stacey. Some things we cannot change, but many things remain as good as they always were - and, as you are a lover of the simple primitive life as I am, you keep those kinds of good things alive. I am so fortunate to have come across your beautiful blog and your creations captivated me on Etsy. You are not the only woman with an olde soul, there are many of us. :) Yes, daughters grow and yes, parents get older. Yes, women weave the threads that bind each generation to the next. We are not merely the caretakers, but the connectors. How goode that sounds. :)