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Monday, June 30, 2008

Of Fireflies and Friends

The days pass quickly and are spent in quiet stolen days at the Goode Comfort Cottage and The Busy House. With the passing of Finigin, we have all felt his spirit and life gone... making for a very quiet house. Our furry friends have always found us and captured our hearts. Molly is no exception. She is a Sato puppy, rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico. At 3 1/2 months old, she is such a lovely girl. her under bite giving her a smile to match her sunny personality. Her first adventure with us was Midsummer's Eve. We spent it at our favorite Drive-in. A place nestled along the meadows and wooded areas not far from the Comfort Cottage. A young couple serenaded all of us while we waited for for the dark to come. Guitar strings and soft voices drifted among us. Little ones played ball and ran around, already in their pajamas. Fireflies gathered and danced along the wooded edge at nightfall. One can't help but smile and enjoy it all.

The garden is complete finally, although we did not get the butternut squash or brussel sprouts as we had wanted. Netty gave us some beans to try and they are growing fast and furious. I am fast at work with drawings and orders. This week I start models for new patterns and licensing designs. Requests for Mrs. Goddard continue to come in. Who knew that the little dolls that I designed for my doll house would capture so many other hearts? I will be trying make some this summer, but she will be a limited doll. I am certainly blessed by all of you that make it possible for me to do what I love as well as take care of my loved ones.

I also want to share with you a kindred sister and Keeper of Olde. Teresa, "The Seamstress of Blackstone". A click on her link, The Seamstress of Blackstone (on the right side) and a cup of ice tea, will make for a wonderful break in your day. I met Teresa at the Heritage show as a fellow vendor. She stopped by one day as I was doing the finishing work on my Colonial dressed Raven, Kat. I did not realize until the next day as we talked how kindred we indeed were. I saw the look in her eyes and recognised it as the same I had when I walked through Netty's home and world over 10 years ago. Teresa has embarked on a wonderful and artful journey and is adding to her accomplished path that she has given heart and soul to. Her love of "The Before Days" spreads warmth in all that she does. Take a moment to stop by and say hello. I know you will see as her blog grows, the unfolding of a wonderful soul in Teresa.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful words.
You bring a smile to my lips and a tear of appreciation to my eye.