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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Meet Seth

Meet my wee friend, Lttle Seth. He is available on Lemon Poppyseeds. Just click on my link over to the left and take a little trip to visit Seth along with the offerings of other fine Artists. Little Seth has a wonderful little story about him and you can read all about it there.
I've been very busy this past month and time sure flies fast. Raven's Haven will be available in the UK later in June. Many have asked about new patterns. Yes, there are several. A few are friends that you have already met, but there are some that only the little house mousies have seen here on my table studio! In it all I am trying to learn how to update my website by myself. It is slow, only as time allows, but take a peek on occassion!
I know the economy is rough on us all. Many are putting in gardens and putting aside vacations this year. Keep family close, do the little things together and stop in to see an elderly or disabled friend. A visit could mean the world to someone.


GNG Girl said...

Hey Stacey!
I'd love to be added to the new blog, let me know if that's possible!
L in WA~

Rose Mary said...

Seth is so cute!

You are right about the gardens~almost everyone I know is putting something in the ground this year. We are behind on ours, but hope to grow at least part of what we eat.