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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Enjoying the Journey

Spring is full of new beginnings and growth. As the leaves bud out and the birds come home to raise their young, one can't help feeling so inspired, especially when art rules ones soul! I've been happily networking with some wonderfully creative art doll makers. As much as I have many dolls still standing in line to make their way out, I have different medias and directions that I enjoy. Perhaps some of these will blend in the future , or perhaps they will take a path all their own, as my newest adventure ahead. Who knows? That's the fun of it! Enclosed is a picture of Mousie. She is one of my dearest beginnings. She shows my stylized kitty face and is a blend of a kitty angel years ago. More than that, she is a fond memory of my Greeter on my visits to Netty's. Mousie has since passed, and now Ted, the turkey has the job. You saw him this fall as Jake and will be happy to know that he will be a pattern.

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