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Friday, February 1, 2019

Yawn and Stretch

February crept in
under a crisp,
starry night.
Quiet and without fanfare...

I peeked out 
to say hello, 
in the wee hours,
before I making my way
to my slumber.

With February's entrance,
our visit from
the arctic vortex is starting to retreat...
Imbolic brings a celebration;
we are halfway between
Winter Solstice
Spring Equinox.
we are ever closer to 

Last night, 
was also the release of EHAG '19.
I usually do
Skelly Girls for Bewitching Peddlers...
but you may see a rare one, 
here or there, 
to celebrate something special
during the year.

I have already
started my sculpts 
Bewitching Peddlers
as I work on my outline for the year.
While January
is a rather long feeling month...

I have kept myself
in clay
and hot tea beside.

As February
starts its day,
I feel a new sense of vigor~
knowing Spring will be here soon.
Time to shake January fully off of my shoulders
and get moving into February.

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TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy February Stacey.... Yes, January was a long year, wasn’t it LOL? I am glad. To bid it farewell, and the polar vortex that it befriended. We are now dealing with fog, freezing rain, and ice....not to mention a 70-degree+ temperature swing. Your Skelly Girl is wonderful....and, ahhh....I spy beaks!!! Can’t wait for their debut.... February Hugs ~ Robin