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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Smoosh Magic

There is something about clay
that I truly love.
while I may sit down and think...
I'm making a 
Pumpkin Ladye today-
in smooshing the clay around a bit, 
magic can happen instantly.

You see, 
the clay tore a bit at her mouth~
and suddenly her spirit emerged.

Perfect for my Early Work Mercantile 

When bringing her to life, 
I had a conversation earlier with a friend~
and old cabinet cards.

so what can be more Prim
a brown Pumpkin???

She is truly a favorite ~ so dainty and delicate.

Smoosh Magic happened once again...
as I thought "rabbit"
and played around with the muzzle~
Smoosh Magic..

My Adirondack heart
came through
in one of my most unusual 

I fell in love

As we enjoy 
getting out
here and there...
and putting together our vision of 
The Goode Wife
in September~

Smoosh Magic

And when my hands are not 
in clay~

they are making magic stitches.

This one of a kind,
Sleepy Mouse
napping on a flocked damask
Witche's Shoe.
(She's still 
available on 

While it may seem 
quiet around here,
it isn't really.

It's magical.


Crow's Creek Primitives , Vintage Burlap Lace and Lavender , The Crafter's Nestled Nook said...

Love all your goodies , but those skeletons are awesome ! Wish I had your talent .

thearttramp said...

You know how much I love you and your creations as well as cherishing our friendship. Those skulls are so wonderful....no bones about it! And THAT SHOE! Continued success and blessing to you.
Hugs, David a.k.a. The Art Tramp