A Unique Primitive Art with a whisper to the past~

These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Finishing Touches

The days are flying by so fast.
There are still a couple presents to get...
some gatherings to enjoy
and family to visit.

Snowflakes are swirling about 
and Old Man Winter 
is bringing bitter cold.

A perfect excuse to sip on 
hot chocolate...
a little more than I should.

Marks the end of my offerings for this year.
She is available 
waiting to be that special gift for someone.
She reflects the growth 
that I like to challenge myself with
 in all of my creating.

I am excited to
move forward.

There won't be 
as many offerings
with the New Year~

they will
still hold that magic
that is in my heart.

I am excited to wrap presents
put on the 
finishing touches
Christmas and Yule....

just as I have put 
on the 
finishing touches
I have created
this year.


Bohemian said...

Your Creations are Enchanting... the Mice especially made me Smile as I read thru your Blog's Archived Posts. Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Karen Budnick said...

Congratulations and best wishes for a happy marriage!