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Sunday, February 7, 2016

All Goode Things Come In Layers

A wee sparrow emerges.
She has a merry look about her.

Well...around here they do.
 We are trying to figure out how our "normal" will be with Tim's retirement,
along with some changes still to come.

I am trying to figure out how I want 
The Goode Wife 
to go forward,
I am excited to be back working full time.
Well, I'm not sure if you call doing what you love work,
 unless you factor in the ugly business of paperwork.

So with my head spinning in ideas and wants~
there are requests to do
 to name a few,
I must sit down and think~ 
what do I want?
What do I feel I can offer?
What paths and growths do I want my work to take?

Mrs. Munson is coming along.
She still has a ways to go.

And so there are layers of thoughts and questions I must ask myself.
Each brings a better definition and clarity.

Just as the ink layers upon my paper
clay layers and builds up from it's armature.

I find myself going back, 
to my beginning of this journey.

The love of a 1812 house held,
 as sunlight filtered through the bubbled old glass
I drew the afternoon away.

Trips taken to old cemeteries...
often with lunch along in a paper sack.

The magic of a wee small pin-keep shoe 
that captured my soul when I held it.
The smell of dried grass, Sweet Annie, coffee and wood smoke had and is now ever ingrained in my memory.
My dear friend and a love,
 along with a vision of


Michi Ball / Prairie Prims said...

Goode Things coming your way my friend!

celkalee said...

Dear Stacey, the transition to retirement is an interesting one. I found that it was much easier than expected. I didn't realize how much we spent going to work! I watch the budget carefully but quite frankly think I live a better life. Your amazing talent will serve you well. Your work has enchanted me from the first day I saw it. I have no talent for such things and bow to you. Whatever path you take may it be fulfilling and enjoyable. One of these days I hope be the first in line to purchase one of your special items.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Stacey…retirement has a magic all its own, and your dear husband's retirement brings to light so many things! Like a circle, it requires a return to simpler beginnings, yet they aren't innocent, as they were the first time. There's a sweetness in that, too! A return, but with the wisdom of having lived. :)

susan hemann said...

you are an amazing person! so many choices, just love Mrs. Munson!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Beautiful post Stacey....I've always thought, the more layers, the richer the person, the more delightful the object... How can one not love an old piece layered in paint more than one that bears just one? Whatever course your "work" takes you, I'm certain it will be a delight as always for those of us who are smitten by it. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin