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Friday, November 27, 2015

A November Gift


I sit here this morning with a big sigh. Our Thanksgiving is done. We traveled an hour away to enjoy Thanksgiving surrounded by family and mountains. 

Our year of big changes is nearly over and although some of the changes won't fall into place until next year; the hardest parts are over.
Weights are lifted and I am excited to move forward. 

My year of Nonna help is nearly over and I am excited to be back. I will keep a lower profile as I work on some projects that won't come about for a few months, but I am so very excited with it all.


So it is time for me to celebrate and share some goode with all of you. 
You waited patiently as I thought a wee one would afford me a little time to release more patterns. 
Well, he does keep me busy.
 When he  wasn't here, I had to be away from my home as the changes entered my life and needed quite a bit of attention.
 I am blessed with amazing family that helped when I couldn't, so everything would fall into place. 
Thank you, dear friends and family...with all of my heart.

 So now it is time, to pick up those intentions and let them roll. 
You should start seeing me here more.
 To start it off, I think we need these three pictures to become patterns. 
Oh yes... they are ready!

Enjoy !


Kathie said...

I really enjoy your posts and have your crow pattern ready and waiting for the right time to make it up. I have a request. Could you tell me how to access the music that plays when I open your blog? I find it way too loud, as pretty as it is and would like to be able to turn down the volume. Thanks very much. I look forward to seeing what you have waiting for us.

Stacey said...

Hi Kathie~

I have always lived with someone that was quite hard of hearing~ so I understand~ It seems loud to me also. I adjust the volume on my computer before I go on the internet as a rule. You can also scroll down to the very bottom of this page and you will see the video for the music. you can also adjust or turn the music down. Whatever you wish~~~ Enjoy!

Joyce Mayer said...

Love your Blog.