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Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Spring Dance

I enjoy all seasons, don't get me wrong....
but there are two that just make me giddy with excitement.
As many of you know, I adore Fall.

And then there is Spring...

This past week, the Hedgerow along the Cottage has become louder.
The Starlings are nesting, the Chickadees dance about, but oh! the Sparrow song!
So, how fitting that my sculpt reflect my heart?

And so goes my offerings

Some sculpts are easier than others, and this one did test my skills. The eyes are the most difficult to set as they have a pupil. 
As I finished dressing her, she whispered her name. 

There is true magic that happens when suddenly you come to a part....
and hear in your heart;
 a name that tugs it.
Of course, her name is Penny; she holds the same spirit as an olde and dear friend. 

No Spring would be a Goode Wife Spring without my favorite bunny.

I smile now as Dutchies are expected to appear  here every year. They started many years ago at shows and were always the first to have new homes. 
Their magic continued as I offered them online...
and suddenly as of the last couple of years, other doll artists have been so inspired. 
It is fun for me to see that something that has come so straight from my heart influences other doll makers.
Whoda thunk, that little ole me would do such a thing?

No Spring would be complete without the traditional Cottontail in the strawberry patch!
I've had so much fun enjoying the circle Dance of Spring.

As it swirls around the Wee Cottage, 
the inspire swirls around my head.

Oh! the joys of Spring just make me so happy.
 As the Earth renews, so doesn't my heart!

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Jeri Landers said...

You did a marvelous job on her eyes and beak, she is charming and Penny suits her. I love the colonial manner in which you cloth many of your dolls, so sweet.