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Friday, September 6, 2013


This morning was a very chilly one in Upstate NY. The kind of morning that makes you want to linger under the warm quilts and ask...is it Saturday?.....

Many of you know my little Mousel, Josie. She runs the Wee Doll House, here on Curry Road. She's been busy, night and day, pulling out Fall decorations to decorate with....Bobo the cat takes naps beside the house during the day, but lately at night, she sleeps with us. Apparently, Josie is making quite the rucus!  This morning, I awoke to find the pot belly stove set up for the season and Josie in a hat and shawl. 

Generally, Josie is known on my Face Book page for her photo-bombing expertise. It is never dull here at the Wee Cottage...no, not at all. No matter how busy the days are here, there are plenty of shenanigans to keep me smiling. It's so nice to have smiles and laughter as you work, so I'll take the shenanigans and enjoy them. Life is too short, not to have fun while you work.

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