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Saturday, April 7, 2012


It has been quite a week, and I admit that my faith in people has been shaken. I was upset that someone would take my designs...most likely tracing them from the screen monitor. Then to sell them as their own designs at a show... shock and betrayal. I stood up for myself and the designs....I had too, but that done, my head spins with thoughts.

I decided to take the post down ~ lesson learned for those that find that sort of thing okay and justifiable.  This blog is me...who I am and all that I love.  I did what I needed, but to keep it up is not who I am and what I am about. I don't wish to have people afraid to create and not show their joy, thinking that they may have copied someone along the way. I want them to create...to let their creating be another voice for them.

I look at my pattern company and smile...I do not think of myself as a great designer. Most are rather simply done. With the patterns, the simplicity works well in encouraging others to create. I put it out there for others to make extra money and the ability to work from their homes. I've gone to Senior Centers, Women's Clubs, Girl Scouts and 4H Clubs, encouraging and always with a free pattern to hand out. Whatever level that you think yourself to be... Create. Enjoy.

Some will ask me if they can use the pattern differently because they love rug hooking and such....I say go for it. Some will see  the character a little differently and ask if they may put themselves into it....I say with great glee, YES. I always ask them to share... I love the creativity of others.  All I ever ask is that they give credit design if they put it online...give someone else the chance to make the design and create. Treat the designs and protect them as they were yours...for in a way, they are.The monies for the pattern are how I continue to pay for the supplies and have some pin money for myself. 
So now I move forward. I have found a liking to the new way I am doing the mice. I can grow with them and challenge myself. Yesterday, Tim took me into the city of Albany and the chance to find different fabrics in which to make these wee mousels. I also have sculpting in process and sketches to put forward that will become patterns. There is always more than one project going on. That's who I am, just a woman with a gift and the abilitiy to share the best way that I can.

And so I move forward, a little wiser, probably a little more cautious, but my message ever stronger. Be who you are, create and take great joy in it. As you create more and more, your style will emerge. You may start out with patterns, but if you truly love it and want to grow or challenge yourself, you will see your own voice. Trust in yourself.

A special thank you to Robin...I know I had to stand up for my work and designs. I didn't like the madness born of it. Thank you for showing me differently and reminding me that the anger is not who I am and what I'm about.


Jan said...

Oh Stacy, it is such an ongoing problem for so many creators of artistic designs. I just wish there was an answer to it but I don't for see it since there are so many cruel and selfish and greedy thieves out there. They will always be claiming designs as there own but Karma will bite them in the hiney eventually. I am sorry this happened to you too. I think that unfortunately Pinterest is a source for many of them. Keep the faith Stacy and don't stop creating.

Baggaraggs: said...

I left you a convo. My facebook will not let me open my messages. I don't know why. Robin

Stacey said...

Robin~ Will send you a note. I just made a greater realization...I think it will put things in a little different perspective.



Anonymous said...

You cannot worry about people who do not matter, and you cannot change who they are as people. Those of us that love your work, know your work and duplicating is just not possible. There are those that create, and those that cannot, copy. Just keep doing what you love, because love cannot copied or stolen.. Good to see that you have made peace with this...what goes around, comes around...this, I believe, with all my heart

Debbie Johnson said...

Hi Stacey,
I know the feeling when people take advantage of your creativity. I had a country gift shop for many years and would have the problem of people taking pix & sketching the hand made treasures I sold-to copy for themselves and to sell. I would ask them to stop and explain that they are stealing from the artist...and me. They never seemed to understand that they were doing harm. I had to learn to let it go inside as it would make me so upset. These people were copy-cats and not creative souls. Love your creativity and enJoy your blog.
Thank you,
Debbie J

Baggaraggs: said...

I agree with the anonymous someone above. I am so happy that we have all arrived in a spot of less suffering.
No need for thank yous. Hugs, Robin

Anonymous said...

Stacey, I am a huge admirer of yours! We met at a show in PA several years ago and I purchased some treasures from you. We chatted quite a bit and you gave me some amazing tips that I use constantly! I don't expect you to remember, no worries, but am so thrilled that I saw a piece of yours in a shop in Rochester, NY and decided to look you up! Now I am happily your follower!

Lynn J. in Akron, NY

Stacey said...

Lynn~ look me up on Face Book (Stacey Williams Mead) I'm glad that I could share with you and would love to hear from you.