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Monday, May 2, 2011

Busting Out In Goode Things

Wee Janie is available on Simply Primitives this month.

Spring is busting out in full force here in Upstate New York. After what seemed like a never ending Winter of olde, we are ecstatic to see the first blooms of Spring and yes...green leaves on the trees once again. Our lawn is dotted with dandelions and I love their sunny blossoms. 

I'm having a great time creating, although quite a bit of what I have created you won't see right away as it is off to where it is needed for shows, licensing and publication. With it, I'll be packing also as I travel outside of my little Cape Home and watch my work go places that I have only dreamed of before. I am amazed, humbled and so very honored. I can't help but feel that my Father who urged me to go forward on this before he passed....is smiling down and cheering me forward.

The New York Paper Show is right around the corner! If you had said, "Stacey, this is a goode place for you to be." a month ago... I would have thought...no way. I am so thankful to Stephanie, who has worked her magic with drawings that I have sent to her and they are becoming papers, cards, framed art and rubber stamps....and I'm probably missing some items also! I hope that these designs go far, but in a way they already have. I would have never thought that they would look as great as they do, or be so versatile. I will share them and any info on them as I can. I hope that you will enjoy them also.

I'm taking a couple days to squeeze in some paperwork and pattern works along with the start of my show sewing. I will be going back to some bigger shows and traveling with my wee folk in the Walshmobile over a few states. I am very honored to announce that we will be in Ohio in November....yes, Ohio. That could only mean one thing, right? The Simple Goodes Show .
I am still pinching myself with this one! I can't wait, to see everyone, but if I don't get moving today, I won't have anything to show tomorrow~ And so, I am off to goode creating and thankful to the many opportunities that have come my way. Yes, we are definitely busting out in goode things here!


jeanne said...

Just wonderful all your creations Stacey. You keep getting better and better. jeanne
You're the best!!

kavettahulse said...

I'm so glad that things are going so well for you!! That is amazing. You are so talented and I wish you the best!!