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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Comforts of Home

Spring is well on it's way here in Upstate New York. The lawn is the bright new green of the season and the tulips are sprouting up around the house. The neighbor across the street even mowed today......the first mower around us, setting the pace. Unfortunately, it was too cold to open the windows and enjoy it, the way that I would have liked. 

I am happy to have my quiet days here in the Cozy Cape on Curry Road. The dogs, Mollie and Murphy, keep me busy going in and out; barking at the squirrels that invade their backyard. Bobo the cat watches out the back door and appears to roll her eyes at their silliness. I am glad to be past all of the paperwork for tax season and happy to be creating full force. The next few days will see me with pen in hand; a favorite and my heart smiles with anticipation. Since my move here in December, I have had more than one door open for me. With that, The Goode Wife will be spreading her wings and offering her wares to a bigger audience....but the details on that will come later.

Until then, I have a couple offerings on TDIPT Mercantile tonight. This little Cape home inspires me to play around with a more Victorian look with Sophie's Glove. I love different tones and textures of white. White gloves tug at my heart and beckon my memories back to another time. I also love doing those wee little mice along with making wire baskets. I'm sure that both pieces will find homes to belong to, but until they do, I will enjoy them beside me as I work. Spring will be busting out all over in the days ahead. I can't wait until I can keep the windows open, to enjoy the breezes filled with fresh cut grass or the damp earth after a shower. Here's to a goode Spring ahead.


kavettahulse said...

Very cute!!

Baggaraggs: said...


Your work is always lovely. Wishing you a lovely spring. Hugs, Robin