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Monday, November 1, 2010

More Than A Flurry of Snow

It can be difficult to put Halloween wee folk down for a bit and move ahead through the Holiday season. As luck would have it, snow flurries have arrived to fuel those holiday feelings and set this season in order. Turkey is simmering on the stove already this morning and will soon fill the air as I sew. This house will be even busier as some much needed work is done. There is a show ahead at the end of the month and new wee folk to be introduced there. My time is very limited in The Kitchen Table Studio this season, but I do promise some new and fun wee folk ahead. Today, I am introducing Charlotte and Timothy on Simply Primitives. A click on their picture will take you away for a nice visit with several talented Artisans as well. 

In all of this, I am packing and moving what I can to Tim's. Bit by bit, box by box. I am more than ready to start my life with Tim. It will be bittersweet at times as I trade my surroundings. I know I will miss waking up to the mountain range that I have called home for 36 years, but I will visit often. The girls are all settled and doing well. They have quickly become young ladies and near ready to stretch their own wings. Now I just have to wait until the final word.


The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Stacy!!!
(I am Marcie, The Shack In The Back Marcie, remember)
My goodness, I have been so very absent on your blog, and there is much to catch up on. What a time you have had, since I last visited. I am sorry to hear of your Daddy passing. The children growing,,,the moveing transition..so busy you are. I have been thinking of you as I came back to a box of your art. It seems I have taken a break from primitives, and now I want to enjoy them again. Once they get into your dna it seems a connection will always be there. It was apart of my life for so long. Perhaps it was burn out. Anyhow I started taking photos of the prim treasures...and I had gotten one of your gloves at the trade show in VF that year. I wanted to show it on my blog, and lead people to you so I decided I would look you up and catch up a little. You were easy to find. I am glad. I love the evolution of your work, the bird doll is so very charming. I would like to come back, so I will put you my reader list. I am also looking at starting a prim blog. I have secured The Shack In the Back name and will probably use it again. I must have split personality between the prim and victorian. Anyhow I will stay in touch. I am glad you are still loving Tim. He was so nice that time we met at the show.
I will continue to write.
I hope Netty is well, I lost track of her.

PEA said...

Hello stacey,
just popped in to say hello and see what is new. Seems lots going on but change is good girl.