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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary Dad.....

Thirteen years ago, this very day; my father received a wonderful blessing.... a new liver. We were all on edge and had been waiting months, well two years really for the call to come. When it did, after two false alarms , we were praying that a new liver would come in time to save his life. My Dad was in the military for 22 years and the Sheriff's Dept. for 20. He was in the Korean War at the tail end, and served 6 tours of duty in the Vietnam war. He drank seldom. He is pictured here with my youngest brother Stephen, who will be retiring from the Air Force after 22 years this Fall. We are blessed indeed, but it did not come without the loss of someone that we never knew. We are grateful for such a beautiful gift. All of us have signed our licenses and let family know that we too will be donors and will pay it forward. Happy Anniversary Dad, I speak for all of your kids and grandchildren. We love you and we are ever thankful for that special person , who was willing to be a donor.


Miss Maddie's said...

A special gift from one family to another.
May your dad have many more celebrations!!
Love the hats!

kat449 said...

Happy Anniversery Dad....
Stacey, I am saying prayers this evening for the gift giver...I am saying more for your Dad, prayers that he celebrate many more...that he finds quiet joy in the golden years of his life, and that he celebrates the family he has loving and appreciating him.
I just love the way you love the family and friends in your life. Thank you for loving me...Hugs, Kat

Sandra Evertson said...

Well, Happy Anniversary to you!
Sandra Evertson

Christine said...

what a beautiful tribute to your Dad, Stacey.
Happy Anniversary to you All.

Jan said...

What a great story, Stacey, and a good reminder to be thankful for each day and for caring, unselfish strangers. What a good example for all of us.


Mockingbird Hill said...

Stacey...I was a part of the University of Miami Organ Transplant Team so I know firsthand what an amazing gift this is! All good wishes to your dad and to all of you...with many more years to follow!

And...after a much needed break,I have finally completed your "5 Random Things Tag"...thanks for thinking of me! And...as always...Rick Springfield Rocks!!