A Unique Folk Art with a whisper to the past~

They truly ARE the voices in my head.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Where is your head lass,
 when you are stitchin?

It is in a time long ago...
in my mind today,
 Tis Downton Abbey that captures me.
Not upstairs...
but down.

Not just Downton~
actually more
Robert Todd Lincoln's
My Great Grandparent's served him
in his fields and house.

The maids and kitchen staff a flutter
 and at the table,
a young maid quickly makes
 tiny repair stitches. 
Her pins on a pinkeep 
made of scrap. 
Perhaps pieces of a uniform, 
long retired from it's obvious task?

I wouldn't be able to create 
in that time.
Life would have been spent with many more needful duties,
creating would have been made in small, 
stolen moments.

I wonder sometimes if my heart held memories, 
over years greater than I.
Could the stars and heavens
 have kept glimpses 
of another era
that heart?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Busy Season

As the sun was making it's way to sleep
I scurried to finish
 my Early Work offerings 
and capture the sunset colors
through the picture window.

My inspire was home...
and family now gone.
Now they will live on,
 perhaps unknowingly
with their new families.

If you get a chance, 
do stop by
to see the offerings ~
along with others 
from my friends.
What better gift,
than a handmade piece for 
someone close to your heart!

I have been fast at work
creating for a local show
trying to get better.

 it just takes more than one try
and some ruling out.
So today,
it seems that my Asthma is the culprit~
and not willing to leave so easily.
When the Dr. stepped into
the room
 I said,
"just call me Rerun".
Apparently my age is not helping either.
I was so into that 
age is just a number thing...

One thing is clear 

I am enjoying my create time
healing and visits.

It will come together
and I hope 
my local friends will
at a new venue for me~

I hope you will stop by!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Over The Moon!

When I first met my husband
in 1988,
I was welcomed to a family that

A visit to a nearby
Haunted House 
that raised money for the town's
volunteer Fire Department,
sparked my husband and his brothers.
What a fun way to raise money 
for the Fire Department 
in their own small town!

The years passed. 
My husband and I separated,
but I remained a part of 
the Halloween fund raiser, 
until my caregiver duties demanded that I leave.

As I took the journey 
to create primitives,
Halloween was a strong love~
and a natural subject.

This past January,
 I decided that I wanted a stronger 
art presence 
and focus
this world 
and passion of mine.

It has truly 
been a place that 
my heart lives.
And so.....

it is truly my honor,
to share that I will
be joining 
the most amazing Halloween Artists.
(by then my pinch marks should be healed)
Ghoultide Gathering 
now has different wings to guide it,
but the same faces remain.
It will be under a new name as well~
The Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween.

Mark your calendars
the 30th of September 2017
at the
Chelsea Michigan
I look forward to meeting everyone!

A special thank you to my beloved, Tim.
My daughter's Bailey and Jess
as well as 
my family and friends 
for being such wonderful supporters 
as well as secret keepers.
It is with many
that dreams can come true.
I am soooo
over the moon!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Merrye Hallows Eve

The days are shorter...
and the smell of the fallen leaves
is just heavenly. 

I am creating 
but it is a very slow process it seems...
As I am recovering~
Some minor surgery 
and some seasonal
stuff that 
wants a bit more attention...
have made October
just a bit tough.

I won't have an offering for EHAG tonight...

I am an unwilling captive
to medicated rest!

I will be enjoy the day quietly
and I look forward 
to the children tonight.
...and while I may be held a bit captive~
I am working
 towards some 
goode news
a surprise ahead.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October Surprise

Yesterday was simply glorious...
and today is no less.

We hit a record breaking 84 degrees
 here in our little spot, 
not far from Albany.
Just one last taste of Summer.

Today is just as glorious. 
It is not quite as warm however,
 gray clouds are dancing
 with cobalt skies 
and make the changing leaves
 look stunning.
Golden leaves have been dancing
 in the breeze this morning...
occupying my time 
as I enjoy their pretty dance.

Over the past two weeks...
Snowflakes have danced in my head~

as I prepare for the season ahead 
and one local show.

Sleepy mice
and ginger men
 have started to appear~

Along with an Angel theme...

I am wrapping up around 
Christmas Carols to guide me~
taking a cue from the wee ones 
that I loved last year.

While October 
may have given us a day or two of a surprise,
I am enjoying her gift~
as yummy wools
and pretty flannels
dance in my head.

Brown cardboard packages
may not be tied up with string...
 but oh how they hold
 my most favorite things~

there is magic happening 
with each stitch
 although this will be the last day 
of our
 October surprise~

there is plenty of magic
to be had at the Cottage.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

October's Magic

Wee sleepy Spice is the last of two witchy offerings for Early Work Mercantile.

I love October.
 I keep it close to my heart throughout the year~
once it is here,however~
 it blossoms...

into afternoon mugs of Chai,
evenings of sipping cider 
...and nibbling a cider donut or two.

It holds memories 
of helping my Father make our own cider.
My Mother In Law 
making donuts on her farmhouse porch...

I love stitching up Cathedral Window squares...
and Pumpkin looks so sweet napping atop a Halloween themed one. 

and this evening~
a gathering of Tim's family.
We have an annual picnic.
That's right~ a picnic...
in the evening!
It is a wonderful way to gather 
and bring crock pots 
of comfort food...
hot dogs on the grill
 and groups of us
 huddled about fire pits to keep us warm.
This has become a beloved tradition!

As I enjoy time with both families...
a weekend in a cabin, deep in the Adirondacks...
and plenty of crisp mornings 
(that we have been waiting for all Summer)~

I am enjoying tiny stitches,
experimenting with my wee sleepy mousels...
designing for the next season ahead.

October is indeed magic for me.
In all that I hold dear
I intend to thoroughly enjoy it!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Making Spirits Bright

A wee sleepy Angel mousel will be perfect for my Holiday offerings.
A sleeping cap Mousel is on the way also!

The morning and evening air has become crisp...
the leaves are turning
and falling.
The aroma of wood smoke weaves around it all.

The smell of Fall
 wraps it's arms around us
and welcomes us like family
 we haven't seen in ages.

In this heady mix,
I am working on different seasons...
The Thankful
and the Holiday Season.


Last weekend,
we took some time away.
Rented a wee cabin in the woods...
and enjoyed an Adirondack get away
 in my beloved Lake Placid.

This stunning site always makes me catch my breath!

 This is the place where my dreams came true.
Where a bunch of us came together to create.
I learned so much 
about myself
and making art.

Our cozy cabin.
 We came here last year,
and loved it so much...
we decided to make it 
a yearly event.

Mirror Lake....you always hold my heart.
This year, 
we decided to come down with colds
while we were there.
Awesome, right???

It's okay though...
we enjoyed ourselves in spite of it.
I had time to just think and sketch...
and put together a plan for the Holiday season and next year.

I have spent this past week
recovering from that hanging cold,
packing orders,
and making a model or two for my next show.

It seems...
that it is also the season of
of coat tail riders.

All of us have them~
With my eyes opened even wider
 during my time away~
I am reminded
keep my course
remember my gift
and keep giving it 
back to the Universe.

after all... 
no one can capture
or copy 
the spirit that is truly yours.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Readjusting My Sails

Thanks for catching my snafu!
here is the corrected version!

No matter how hard we try;
our days can get rearranged for us.
I have no complaints~
Don't get me wrong.
I have been
more than I ever could have imagined.
in these blessings,
I came to realize
 that I had to reschedule
Picturetrail show.


Sunday Evening
will mark the end 
of this year's
 Hallows Eve offerings
with the exception of
EHAG Emporium.

Wicked Goodes 
will host 
olde friends and new;
a collection of smalls
make a heart smile...
as they give a wink and nod to the past.

Ruth's Shoe
I will be turning to
 the Thankful Season...
All that comes with 
Harvest Blessings,
snowy days
Himself,the Elf~

Oh how I love this time of year!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

So Much To Do......

It may seem
 that all you have heard
 from me 
the sound of crickets lately...

I have been 

Squishing everything in...
a pattern sale, 
a online show soon~
my Early Work Mercantile offering.
I cram a lot of day into my work,
perhaps I cram a lot of work into my day.

I will get to recharge soon
and travel up to the mountains.
I can't wait to see that wee cabin in the woods.

but first...
I need to get patterns 
to the many customers 
that blew me away with the orders.

finish some Fall lovelies
for a Picture Trail show..

and introduce 
you to Gracie~ 
My Harvest Angel...

She is on Early Work Mercantile this evening.
Oh yes...
those wings~
those lovely wings, 
are a start for me.

Friday, September 9, 2016

September Goodies

Mrs. Munson (left) & Harriet Lurvey
fun little shelf leaners or tucks.
they have their eye on you!
Our few days of cool, September weather
have drifted away. 
Even yesterday's storms and rain, 
did not make a dent in the heat and humidity.
Summer; it seems,
does not want to let hold of her grasp.

He is inspired by our back yard hooligan's and named after a beloved.
Sometimes, they just capture the spirit of someone I love. 

My head has been in Fall
since January.
 when I decided that it was time...
to step back in to the memories of my beginnings.
Memories of magical days, 
drawing and dreaming 
in an old 1812 House
and a wonderful friend.
I don't see enough of her,
now that I have moved.

Miss Brimfield.
When she first appeared,
 she was an instant hit with her touch of realism
 and Deer mouse markings.
She takes some fussing with,
but oh so worth it!
It was at that time,
 that we spoke of our love of Halloween.
Of old cemeteries...
and skeletons.
along with the time period of those early gravestones.

Folky Gloves
Fun and unusual...
perhaps they will spark your imagination in other ways!
Always the first to go at shows.
So you have seen,
the wink and the nod.
Squeezed in between 
the whimsy .
It just seems to come out, 
no matter how hard that I try to 
put myself back.

Edna Nettle's Shoe
A fun pocket hanger.
let your imagination run wild
with the possibilities of what to tuck in her show.
At Thanksgiving,
 it is also the perfect Pilgrim's shoe.

It's all goode, though...
The whimsy makes for goode patterns.
and so...
a couple months ago, 
I started work on a pattern release.

The Kiss
He is a fun fellow and much belated
 as many of you have asked for his pattern. I love him propped on a shelf.
perfect for a Princess' bookshelf!

 It takes awhile as I balance it all..
but when it finally comes together~ 
What fun!!!

no goode pattern release,
should be had without a sale.
You can hop over to my Etsy Shop by clicking on on any picture.
once there,
remember to use coupon code
when you check out.
just like magic
you will receive 20% off.
(Goode until Sunday, September 11 at midnight EST)

Harvey WallBanger
last...but not in anyway least!
He has given us big chuckles here!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

As Autumn Slips In...

A wee mousel napping after a long day of practicing spells

I have been noting
the subtle change of the leaves...
and our usual busy back yard,
 full of robins and butterflies..

             Today brought milky skies...
and a touch of coolness
 that promises to stay awhile.
As we went to do errands, you could see it fully~
a quite noticable change in the leaves...
and the smell that is so intoxicating.. 
of leaves
dancing on the wind.

 Each day now, 
as the days get shorter...
the air will smell stronger and stonger of Fall. 

What could be more perfect?
Why, EHAG Emporium of course.
What better way to celebrate~
Not only is this wee mousel an offering, 
but there are many more
wonderful works!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

It's The Little Things

Ruth's Shoe
I love little things~
When I first started sculpting,
 it was miniatures that captured my heart.

I had a whole series of white mice, named after cheeses.
Fairies, Gnomes, mushrooms and mice were my favorite subjects...

It does explain the love affair with my mice 
40 years later.

Pip ~ She is always a cutie!

As Early Work Mercantile opened,
I was still in a fuss.
It has been extremely muggy and rainy~
making things take
days to dry...

My wee friends made it though~
 and in a flash were adopted.
Nellie...She carries a ditty bag of Sweet Annie.
my favorite...
As they get ready for their 
journeys home,
It is the little things that make my heart smile...

Marty~~~ Such a hoot!

There is a wee little girl here most days
that Grampa cares for and adores...

Two wee doggies that are happy
to help Grampa
with anything
 Miss Mackenzie may need...

and in my work...
 as you can see,
 I am enjoying  a little research
tiny, time period shoes
have captured my heart for now.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wicked Goode News!!!!

a new tiny witches shoe ~
It's another hot, muggy morning. 
What I call a Sleepy Hollow morning...
The fog makes a pale gray background. 
I can see the pumpkin vines...
so green and lush. 
The orange of blossoms and fruit,
  reminding me that the leaves will soon be changing to match those colors.

My work has been in this mode....
and I haven't peeked to my end goal until a couple of days ago.
I noticed the dates had issues....
Earlier in the year, 
one can only guess and try to make plans based on years past.
It doesn't work this year and so there is conflict....

I had hoped to do Sharon Springs Harvest Festival, 
but we have made plans for that weekend......
well, you know that just won't do!
and so,
 I have decided to do an online

* If you would like to be on my email list for a reminder,
please email me at:


put "picture trail shows" in the subject line
US and CA only please

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Candlelight, Cranford And Tiny Stitches

My sewing companion, keeps watch over my stitches.

 We have been waiting for rain...
the kind that takes all day.
The rain that awakens you
 with it's soft pitter patter...

I love these days, 
they break up the hot and humid 
Summer waves.

They beg for candleglow...
BBC series to work by.

Nellie Rat

As the last day of July makes it's way to the evening hours,
opens...at 9 pm EST.
I have only been with this group for a few months,
but I adore it!
So many talented Halloween Artists have gathered and offer a one of a k
ind piece.

There, you will find my Nellie Rat.

As you know, 
They are always limited...
because, well...
there are always a bunch of inspires trying to get out in time for