I'd like you to meet my friends here...they really ARE the voices in my head!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

All Goode Things Come In Layers

A wee sparrow emerges.
She has a merry look about her.

Well...around here they do.
 We are trying to figure out how our "normal" will be with Tim's retirement,
along with some changes still to come.

I am trying to figure out how I want 
The Goode Wife 
to go forward,
I am excited to be back working full time.
Well, I'm not sure if you call doing what you love work,
 unless you factor in the ugly business of paperwork.

So with my head spinning in ideas and wants~
there are requests to do
 to name a few,
I must sit down and think~ 
what do I want?
What do I feel I can offer?
What paths and growths do I want my work to take?

Mrs. Munson is coming along.
She still has a ways to go.

And so there are layers of thoughts and questions I must ask myself.
Each brings a better definition and clarity.

Just as the ink layers upon my paper
clay layers and builds up from it's armature.

I find myself going back, 
to my beginning of this journey.

The love of a 1812 house held,
 as sunlight filtered through the bubbled old glass
I drew the afternoon away.

Trips taken to old cemeteries...
often with lunch along in a paper sack.

The magic of a wee small pin-keep shoe 
that captured my soul when I held it.
The smell of dried grass, Sweet Annie, coffee and wood smoke had and is now ever ingrained in my memory.
My dear friend and a love,
 along with a vision of

Monday, February 1, 2016

February's Most Unusual Gift

It's a very warm February that greets us today.
Quite balmy and Springlike, in fact. 
Nearly 50 degrees....
I may open the windows!
It does fill my head and make it difficult to concentrate on my work on hand.

As much as it calls me to create, I know that we have had no Winter to speak of.
So I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland's White  Rabbit~
In a bit of a hurry.

Get those Spring ideas going!!
Use the energy of the warm February Days while they last~

Grab those trims, 
hit the clay~

Monday, January 25, 2016

Some Have Pie....

A wee sleepy friend....
January is inching towards it's end.
We haven't had much snow by Upstate standards. 
Snowzilla passed us by.
I was all set too...
with low carb hot chocolate, 
movies and stitching to spend the weekend with.
In the end, 
the stitching was my companion.

I have a thing about "littles"; if I can hang them all the better....

My low carb life is getting back to normal.
 I tried some grains and indulged in a bit of sugar,
but it's time to hunker down and get the rest of my weight loss work done.
I'm about halfway to my goal and doing well.

Surrounding myself with what brings me joy.
Stitching some, just for me.
And so....
as we prepare to say goodbye to January; 

*I am packing up orders every week
*drawing and stitching
*watching "Practical Magic" for the 426th time
*sipping hot tea,while in my comfy clothes.

Some have pie on these cold days that we feel need to have some cozy....
I simply traded the sugar and carbs in. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Call The Calvary!

Inspired by Calvary

Design idea....check.
Patterning executed....check.
Design pieces stitched and stuffed....check.


Yes, that is the part that can trip us up and suck the time right out of us.

my original concept

Designing is truly work and yes, 
no matter how long you have been doing it,
 something can trip you up.
Sometimes, you just need fresh eyes and it comes to you when you see it again in the morning,
Sometimes, you have to call in the Calvary
yes, you know; 
we all have that one friend...
The one that can tell you and be brutally honest.
No matter if it's how those pants make you look
 or what details to execute~
they are on it!

Texture, she said...
I loved the black calico. 
It spoke to me...
but how to make it feel the way I wanted.
When you see it, 
you know.

In my conversation with my Calvary, 
she made me think...
there was more to my story to be told. 
While my original concept was for a Ladye's Pinkeep, 
shades of Downton Abbey flooded my head!

What of pinkeeps for the work staff?
With visions of ticking 
 echos of patches;
I was off.
A bigger story unfolded 
~ one that may have never been heard, 
had I not called for my Calvary.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year, New Life

January can be a cold, cold friend....
but so far, 
our days have given way to more rain than snow.
It was raining before the sun woke up and the pit-pat sounds lulled me through my morning slumber...
Making me want to stay in bed, 
whilst the urge to create nudges me with ideas creeping into my noggin.
so much for staying in bed!

Last Spring, 
I picked up the sweetest,
 tiny canvases. 
I thought I would have time to paint...
silly me.

January, however
is usually best to hold bit of me time. 
That is when I take a deep breath,
and set some color pallets and design plans. 
 I write notes of what pulls my heart...
so I won't get too scattered as the year moves forward.
I try to do a few projects that I find relaxing.

So, the tiny canvases called and I have enjoyed picking up the paintbrushes again...
Like needle, clay and pen, 
they are a very old friend to me.

They will need to make way for a few days however,
as my Early Work offerings call to be completed.
Licensed meetings and outlines have begun...
not to mention,
their projects outlined and supplies ordered.

January is a goode month to get it all together with a clear head...
once February and March come, 
my head will be filled with Spring's callings.

This year will have some big changes for our family...
My beloved is retiring from his job.
That means we will be learning to live a little differently.

He knows that I will always create,
as that is my soul.
We will be learning to balance our life in a manner that befits us.
There will be a new Wee one in late Spring,
and it looks like a Fall wedding...

These are but a few things to embrace~
who knows what the rest of the year will bring us!

Friday, January 1, 2016


Ours has been a quiet New year today. 
Milky skies and snowflakes outside...
and the yellow cast of lamps and candles inside.
Cozy~ just as I like it!

I shared on my Facebook last night that I had taken a cue from a beloved friend.
I tried it last ear and loved it.
I am not making a resolution any longer.
They seem to get lost somehow;
at least for me.

I will pick a word...
one word that will be my theme for the year.
Last year, the word was "Blessing"
and in a topsy turvy year of change, 
I found blessings every day!

This year, I chose "Embrace".
Already I am so excited.
There are big changes coming ahead this year in home,
family and my creating.
Some we know, 
as they cross over the year timeline.
Some however...
are just starting to land on my lap.

And so, I will embrace 
the goode days and bad.
for without one, we truly do not know the other.
I will embrace family and friends..
and I will embrace doing what I love full time again.

Monday, December 28, 2015

A Big Sigh and Snowflakes

How would I describe our Christmas?
It was one for the books, that is for sure.
I was incredibly busy packing orders, farther into December than I thought I would be~ 
But what a blessing!

An unexpected late night call, 
made for a race North to home.
I chat with my Mom most every day and generally a couple times a day.

I had not talked with her this day and she knew we had a gathering in the afternoon, so it was no big deal...
until a Nurse called and explained that she had lost her ability to speak and become unresponsive.
We were off!

Long story short, 
she is fine and fully recovered!
It is hard as you see your parent's health become more delicate.
I am the closest to her of the three children. 
( I would not have it any other way)
It is up to me to relay the happenings and assess the importance of the situation.
It did not seem good as we arrived.
After a few hours, she began to change and come around.

We were very relieved that she would be home for Christmas, 
just as we had that thought,
a virus stuck our house.
It was full on Lysol Lockdown...
we had not even done our Holiday shopping!

Somehow, it all came together.
We were able to secure the gift wishes of our loved ones and deliver them Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

And now....
I am ready to give a big sigh.
All is well.
We did it!
...and now I can enjoy a little Winter's hibernating.

Tonight, our first Winter storm will arrive.
Chicken soup will simmer all day..
a pie awaits the day's end.

I have Outlander ready...
with ink and paper.
I am content and cozy.
I am ready!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice to all!
Our days will now become longer.
 It is all such a happy time as family and friends gather.

We sip on cider and eggnog.
I love looking on the faces of wee ones as they meet up with Santa.

Halloween 2014

Of course, 
I do live with my own Santa. 
It is so fun when children take a second look or point him out.
His eyes do twinkle and sometimes a jolly, "Ho, ho, ho!"
is all that is needed...
to help keep the magic going.

We still have gifts to get....
as we have been called to be beside a loved one.
We just dance the days the way we need to and always look at the blessings that each day holds.

My workbasket that now hangs on our wall. 
It is a treasure itself, 
and now it is filled with what takes my fancy...
  or holds my heart.
 Sometimes it changes every day...
or perhaps over several days.  
I can't explain it, 
but as the Doll House does; 
it grounds me. 

As we light candles today and embrace the celebrations of light and longer days ahead;
we extend it,
 with the healing energies and love for our beloved...
and to all who may need it~  

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sniffles and Offerings

Dori Sparrow

The Wee Cottage is bursting with life~
It's finals week for Jess and I'll miss her and her critters while she goes home between semsters...
A wee little boy brings us lots of smiles during the days~
and I am working as I can between naps and snacks...

Old Thistle the hunched back Doormouse

is open 
and I am a bit late.
In all of this, a case of the sniffles has been coming on for a few days.
Yesterday was difficult and I am thankful for lots of homemade soup and the ability to rest.

I am feeling better and now I would like to introduce you to some new friends.

Wee Rosebud Doormouse

I am smitten with Gnomes.
 Not to mention making visions come to life.
With Dori, played about with how best to give her a plumpish body.

Each friend is new and fun! T
hey all have ribbon wrapped pixie booties 
and a blanket of antique batting~
 best of all,
I have offered them each with a special sale price for the Holidays.

Now that is Goode News!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Heaven And Nature Sing Deer
Our trip to Lake Placid a couple of months ago is still reflected in my heart.
The mountains with trees dressed for Fall will always linger, never far.

Lake Placid has been a part of my soul. 
I always thought that I would go back there and live....
funny how life has other plans.

It is now my place to rest and rejuvenate my creativity.

Black Angel Ornie

In my reflection of my time at the School of Art those years ago,
my Primitive Journey has been reflected as well.
I am loving the wee folk that are coming about now.

Little Snow Angel

The humble and rustic look of Osnaburg.
The leathery look of waxing and the primitive style that captured my heart. 
I am stepping back with fresh eyes and workmanship that has been gathered with time and making.

My hair has gray in it.
My fingers are starting to look like my Gram's;
a bit arthritic as they hold a needle and stitch the days away...
and my eyes see children grown 
and Gandbabies.
One is on the way.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Stop By~~~

Santa Lew

The PICTURETRAIL Show is up and running~
 It gets hectic as the first emails come rolling in,
 but there are still plenty of wonderful Wee Folk to be had!  

Santa Wilhelm

Some are one of a kind.....some are now retiring.

Many are done using techniques that reflect the past. 
So many are perfect to nestle withing your antiques or Early home.

Netty Santa Kitty (sitting)

Monday, December 7, 2015

An Online Show

Hello friends~
 It's almost time! 
I sent out emails and posted on social media~
My friends that did not get adopted while in Gloversville, 
will have another chance on Thursday evening.

They are all chattering madly~
A new home is quite exciting! 
A click on Griswold's picture will take you to  the Picturetrail site.
You may want to review how to purchase and look at some past friends.

Me; I am ready to really jump back into creating and designing full time again. 
I can't believe how fast it has all sped by~
with a little one now walking and talking....
and a new brother or sister 
who will make an appearance in June.
I won't have full time Nonnie/Nanny duties, 
but they will not be far.

It certainly is, "the most wonderful time of the year" !

* The link is now fixed~ Thank you!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Good Morning December

I wanted to stay in bed. 
I was toasty warm... 
but I could smell cawfee brewing~

and could hear a little wee voice talking to Grandpa.

There is much to do today. 

This first day of December has dawned with milky skies and a frosty chill that carries the smell of wood smoke. 
 Enough to make your heart smile as it tickles winter memories.
Ah December, you are magical.

Among the amazing number of pattern orders to go out,
 I have some friends to share.

I believe a Picture Trail Show is in order. 
I will be fast at work getting it all set, 
in hopes that it can happen towards the end of the week.

Ah yes, magical December,
please send some elves.....

Friday, November 27, 2015

A November Gift


I sit here this morning with a big sigh. Our Thanksgiving is done. We traveled an hour away to enjoy Thanksgiving surrounded by family and mountains. 

Our year of big changes is nearly over and although some of the changes won't fall into place until next year; the hardest parts are over.
Weights are lifted and I am excited to move forward. 

My year of Nonna help is nearly over and I am excited to be back. I will keep a lower profile as I work on some projects that won't come about for a few months, but I am so very excited with it all.


So it is time for me to celebrate and share some goode with all of you. 
You waited patiently as I thought a wee one would afford me a little time to release more patterns. 
Well, he does keep me busy.
 When he  wasn't here, I had to be away from my home as the changes entered my life and needed quite a bit of attention.
 I am blessed with amazing family that helped when I couldn't, so everything would fall into place. 
Thank you, dear friends and family...with all of my heart.

 So now it is time, to pick up those intentions and let them roll. 
You should start seeing me here more.
 To start it off, I think we need these three pictures to become patterns. 
Oh yes... they are ready!

Enjoy !

Sunday, November 15, 2015

November It Is

It's goode to be busy, right? 
We are shooting beyond, at crazy busy!

This morning my offerings are up for adoption at 
Early Work Mercantile

Miss Cinnamon can do double duty as a tree topper. 
She has new techniques and lots of ruched ribbon. The smidge of blue on top, gives her the look of an old, family treasure.

Tilda the Shrew is ready for the winter and all bundled up. The Almanac says that it will be a very cold and snowy season in the North Woods.

Mark your calender's local friends!

The Soroptimist Holiday Craft Fair
is the one show I am doing for 2015
It is very limited work, but I am loving that I have had the chance to do this!

The show is next Sunday, Nov. 22
10 - 4
Gloversville Middle School

I hope to see everyone!

I will have more to write very soon.
 Some things are just getting settled...
but oh the changes for 2016!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Great News!

Say Hello to Rupert (Sitting)
Franklin (on the run)

They are new patterns!
Yes, that's right! 

Along with Goodie Pumpernickel and her cat, Soot

I know it is only 2 patterns and there are so many I want to release, 

they are coming. 
I shall release a couple to a time into next year.
I will have a small sale each time.
 if you don't see the ones that you are wishing on right now, 
(leaping Frog and Ebeneezer)
they are currently in the model stage.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Just A little News

Hi everyone! 
Thanks so much for stopping by. 
I wanted to let all of my local friends know that I will not be at the 
Harvest Festival 
Sharon Springs
this year.

It was a difficult decision, but it is just too difficult to make enough items,
I will check out the show as a visitor instead~

I will miss you all, but I WILL be back next year!

I may be able to squeeze a few things in for a small Picture Trail show~ Stay tuned for details!


I will be doing the Gloversville Show in Nov.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September Inspires

How is it that the days can pass so quickly?
The Wee Cottage is so full of life and laughter.

Tommy keeps us busy during the week days.
Yes, us~ Tim is between jobs, so he has been busy with the garden...
and keeping us in goode eats.
Tommy is starting to get around, 
so it is nice to have Grampa home for now to do the cooking, 
and tend the harvest...
and sneak in some 
Tommy time!

Early Work Mercantile opened
at midnight.
You never know when you put something up, just how it would be received.
you can put your heart up for all to see,
 and it can be a dud. 
I like to challenge myself with my sculpts and needle techniques....

what a surprise this morning!
I have been working through all my notes and messages.
 I appreciate all of them 
and am thankful to have 
so many that wish to adopt!

This month I was intrigued by a woman from Oregon and her family
by the last name of Dunn.
I enjoyed looking up the women of the Oregon Trail
and the men who lead the way~
and scouting
The women left comforts
and finery.
trading silk for linen.

It was only fitting
to name her after someone that inspired me so much.

I also have been using nap time to my needling advantage...
see the red garland in the picture above?
It is corn from our garden.
Isn't it beautiful?

So while it has been too long since my last post,
I have been keeping full days 
and enjoying life here at the cottage.