A Unique Folk Art with a whisper to the past~

They truly ARE the voices in my head.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


This is such a favorite shoe...
and there are new styles stitched
and getting ready for Fall.

It's a busy Spring for us here at the cottage. 
We are still riding waves of change.
They are all falling into place and we are quite happy with them...
We are patiently awaiting the newest Grandbabe~ 
she will be here VERY soon.

When I was making the move to live with Tim,
I brought pips that originally came from my Grandmother's garden~
They have moved with me, where ever I go.
I wound blossoms around a wire form ~
they will be a treasure for many years.

Tim is settling into retirement quite nicely.
He can go back if the promised work picks up in the area.
So we wait to see what the Universe gives us...
A new hydrangea bush this year.
another favorite of mine~
and a reminder of my Grandmother.

He has our gardens looking quite lovely.
There are a few plants still to put in,
 as we mull over a more formal 
Herb Garden.

We are in full on Halloween mode
and I am loving it.
This little Pumplin is helping me dry some bat wings,
for a new friend that will be available on
at the end of the month.

As for me...
I have quite a few irons in the fire.
My pumpkin buddy is showing off a little sneak peek
for EHAG
at the end of the month...
The first of more bat wings to come in my work.
I am off and running with a few Halloween opportunities.

Tis the season for binge watching as I work.
I confess;
I don't get to watch as much as listen...
and I have to constantly rewind to see what I missed.
I sure know how to milk a series!

And so,
 While I may not be able to show much right now...
there is plenty of sculpting and stitching going on...
along with wonderful 
movies to keep me inspired.

Life is full of changes for us to navigate through...
and although we have had quite a few 
in the past year and a half,
we see how much 
we have been truly blessed,
 as we navigate through them.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

What is May....

Pip is such a cutie~ her bottle is filled with Fairy wishes. or what some may say are dandelion seeds.

Cobalt blue skies are peeking from the clouds this morning...
and the trees are showing their petticoats~
 swaying in the wind in various shades of green
 and an occasional maroon red maple.
The winds are bringing the chill of the North with them
 and so it seems like a sweater kind of day.

A wee sparrow naps in the afternoon sun.
A click on the picture will take you to Early Works.

All week I have worked on my new friends in between my daily orders and  needs.
The apple blossoms bursting from the neighbors yard and the Squirrel shenanigans make my heart smile this time of year.

The fabric and trim feel a bit on the Steampunk side...
perhaps there is inpsire to that!

The hedgerow breaks out with loud birdsong every morning and I have my own sweet chorus right outside my bedroom window.

A wee baby crow.
I need to make one for myself.

The other building next to us, 
houses quite a few Starlings in their eaves.
 Nests are built and filled with nervous mothers
 and anxious fathers...
 that is the way my work goes.

We call the little ones...nuggets.

I follow the voices
in my head.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Not Perfect

My Queen Anne Pumpkin Ladye needed to get her details before her arms and legs were finished.

Spring is not perfect...
It takes it's time. 
Sometimes it steps back for one last dance with 
Old Father Winter...
Sometimes it likes to play in the rain.
For days and days.
It sets it's own pace.
As do I.

I love the stylized features but she was too blank at this point. Her friend is getting a bit of a change also as I try to increase her size and do her up a bit differently. Push and grow!

I find myself happily engrossed in my work.
I thought I had my work plans for this year all planned out.
 Then opportunity happened
 and I find myself in full Halloween mode.
I knew after the Holidays, 
that I wanted to step back to the magic that Primitive Halloween held for me almost 20 years ago.
I felt it would be a slow dance and inspiration would be a slower pace until Summer.
Opportunity held it's own magic.
I don't want to let go.
I want to dig deeper and create more.

Poor girl was looking a bit too Alien before I had all of her layers -
not to mention arms and legs complete.

Part of that is including an exploration
and researching of old stones and dolls.  Understanding it in replication 
along with a little touch of me.
My Queen Anne inspired is imperfect in reproduction terms...
certainly not purist.
I don't want to be held so firmly in replication that I lose the spirit that is me.
I just need the feel of it.
So as you see, my little Queen Anne is coming along in clay, not wood...
and while she may keep most of the stylized formula, 
she is done in my terms...
as a Pumpkin Ladye. 

I just love the colors of Marie's Shoe...It brightens a gloomy day!
And so, 
on this rainy week,
 I balance pattern orders 
and work around a Wee one
for a couple days. 
In between,
I work towards a video on Paperclay,
a shrinking mound of personal paperwork...
and new clay friends with an edge towards Halloween.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Death Is A Debt....

To say I am excited, would probably be an understatement.

I loved creating for EHAG last month, 
and also loved the Halloween state of mind. 
Before my offering went up in March,
 I was already working on my next EHAG offering.

I admit, 
I was unsure if the technicality of what I wanted,
 would work...
Thank goodness for goode friends 
that tell you that it works well
  go for it!

My PaperClay over stretched canvas was wonderful to work with. 
My love of Early Gravestones once again takes the stage 
in my work.
I poured through books, photographs
 and my personal collection for this piece.... 
and let go.

It reflects the carving and epitaph of a couple of stones from the late 1700's.

The coloring and mossy look have kept the texture and details.
It can hang on the wall
as well as
 lean up on a shelf or mantle.

A click on any of the pictures will take you to EHAG
where the gates have creaked open
 and Halloween, one of a kind treats are available.

If you would like 
"Death Is A Debt",
hop over to EHAG for instructions to make it yours~

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Busting Out In Spring

Miss Hester
We may not have had much snow to show for our Winter, 
but we are no less joyful with Spring's arrival.

Tim has been fast at work 
getting the gardens 
cleaned and ready. 
We are deciding what to plant ~
 some of the early veggies and flowers are all settled in.

Another view. She has gone to live with a special friend.
I am finally seeing my big changes,
coming to an end.
It has been a wild ride at times, 
but in just a couple more months,
 it will all be completed...

~and as one chapter ends, 
another begins....

Wee napper on a Cathedral Window pinkeep. I loved making this Quilt square!

As an artist, 
Spring is usually the time of changes 
and new offers also.
It has been bountiful, 
and I have made goode, solid choices
 that will move me in new directions. 
It will also push me to challenge myself.
Here is what I can share so far~

I loved the quilt square so much, I did 2!
Actually, I had a hard time limiting my fabric choices.

I have decided that I will only have one company
 that I will do licensed work for.
I just don't have time 
and I want to pursue different paths.
One of my favorite so far, 
is the joining of the EHAG group.
The Universe allows the right things to fall into place easily.
In December,
my heart reminisced
to the visions my friend and I had of Halloween.
I decided to step back into those days,
(almost 20 years ago)
and have them be a main structure of my business plan for this year.
In February, I was asked to join EHAG
I feel like it is all meant to be, 
and so perfectly!
Marie Antoinette was on my mind, and the inspire for "Marie's Shoe"
All of the mousie pinkeeps were available on Early Work Mercantile.

 I will be remaining with Early Works, 
in all of this~ 
and it is where you will find my primworks...
the pumpkin ladye sculpts will move to EHAG. 
They will still be limited.

Trying something new with Paperclay.
It worked perfectly and will be available Saturday, April 30th at 9pmEST
and finally~
I will be entering the video ~
 or Vlog (should I say?) world.
I'm not sure how much.
I'm not comfortable with me being in front of the camera..
 I feel that I am best 
behind it.
I will figure out my comfort zone as I jump in, right?

A friend had asked on my Goode Wife Facebook page
*(please stop by to "like" and follow if you don't already)*
if I might give a tutorial on how I make my clay works.
I had been approached before to do video tutorials by a couple companies over the years,
but was uncomfortable with the idea.
As messages and emails poured in,
I was amazed at just how many of you felt so unsure about how to begin working with clay.

And so...
I am putting my teacher hat on once again.
For the first time in front of a camera...
It is my way to give back,
something that is always very important to me.
I hope to take away the fears 
of not knowing if you are doing it right...
and replacing them with 
inspire and confidence 
to start your own creative journey.

Gathering with my brother and catching up.
He lives in Arizona...boy, was he cold this weekend!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Unfamiliar Territory

Life often brings us to this place of growth. 
Stepping into unfamiliar territory
 and learning along the way. 
As an Artist, 
I tend to do this to myself (a lot!)....
There is just so much that I want to do and learn. 
A drive to create. 
I want to grow.

 I worked in the fabric and craft section
 of a Department store, 
when I first started figuring out how to sew and make primitive dolls.
 Women would come in with paper in hand, 
excited to pick fabrics for quilting classes. 
I envied them as I am NOT mathematical,
in any way, 
shape or form. 
I always felt that this was beyond me. 

 Tuesdays were Senior Days at our store and I loved working them. 
An elderly friend, 
Betty had told me about a Cathedral Window block.
 The following week, 
she came in with a copy of the instructions. 
I was smitten.....
but I felt it beyond me. 
Betty was so sweet, 
the next Tuesday, 
she brought in a block to show me.
 I am a visual learner, 
so this was an awesome thing 
and it looked so fun!

Delores, my cross eyed quality control assistant...
 she also drinks my clay water,

Life has gone on. 
The store closed years ago. 
My babies are young ladies.

I still look at quilting and adore it. 
Two years ago,
 I decided that any grandchildren
 would get a quilt from Tim and I. 
I had seen a pinwheel quilt and a tutorial. 
I jumped into unfamiliar territory 
and was bound and determined that I could do it...
it held many challenges for me, 
but I completed it. 

At the time, 
I felt that would never tackle anything like that again. 
 These moments are like childbirth. 
At the time, 
it is painful and you aren't sure that you will get through it,
 but you do.. 
and shortly after, 
you are willing to do it again.

I find myself in a bit of unfamiliar territory once again.
Another grand baby will soon be here!
 An Irish Chain pattern is what I will be jumping into.
 It can't be rocket science, right? 
 We shall see.

In the meantime. 
I was reminiscing about my friend Betty.
 I don't have that paper any longer, 
but I was able to look at a few tutorials 

Yes... a Catherdral Window block.
 It's only unfamiliar territory 
for a short time.
 I'm on my second block 
and even though it may not be perfect, 
it is all me.
 I jumped in Betty~ 
you were right,
 I DO love it!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Celebrating A New Look

ETSY has rolled out a new look for Shoppe
I love it.
 It gives a chance for you to truly see
 the personality and style of each shoppe owner, 
with a bigger banner.

My first pattern made the front cover of Country Marketplace magazine in 2001.

Time has flown by 
and my patterns have grown as much as I.

I love that they have stood the test of time.

Many started out in local shows during those early days.
Fat Lab was one of my very first designs.
He was in 7 Etsy treasuries last week!

Snow Raven was actually my very first design.
I knew what I wanted in my head,
 and it took many months to get it out... 
but from the wings to the wired feet,
 he was unique. 

The patterns have all reflected people, animals and times
 that have touched my life.
Twigs was a chicken that my girls adored.

Death Angel shows my love of the cemeteries around me ~ 
I still enjoy a goode visit in the Spring and Fall especially.
I love that the pattern can reflect the personality of the creator
and there are so many
opportunities for them to be done beyond what the picture shows.
Over the years, they have been done in other mediums such as clay and wool applique.
Who would have thunk
they would have come so far all those years ago!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

EHAG, The Goode Wife Way

I'm so excited and so honored to post my first EHAG offering. 
I loved doing this so much, 
that I have my next offering all sketched out and notes taken.

My Hedgewitch Crow takes me back,
nearly twenty years ago.
 Stolen afternoons, 
sitting in the kitchen of an 1812 home. 
I would sketch away as the sun streamed through the bubbled
 and wavy glass that was original to the house. 
On cloudy days, 
I would draw by candlelight.

It was when history came alive for me.
Spurred on by my friend and mentor...
we would giggle and laugh about Halloween done right.

Not the horror shows with blood and gore..
But one with a wink and a nod to days gone by.

The old cemeteries of New England were our inspire. 
Some afternoons were spent among the tombstones and reading epitaphs...taking notes.

And so tonight, 
as EHAG opens,
I am honoring that time in my life,
and all the dearness that it held.
I'm back home and dancing in those memories.

My Hedgewitch Crow is a wink and a nod to the 1700's.
In one arm, 
one of my wire baskets with Sweet Annie,
 preserved from my garden.
On her waist, 
a bottle filled with moss and roots. 
(dried and preserved)
A healer in crow form
in Fraktur inspired profile.
 She stands on a wooden base, 
and has fabric boots laced up,
under her chemise.

You can click on any photo to take you to EHAG, where she is offered, along with the works of other Halloween Artisans~


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Exciting News

Hello everyone.
I wanted to share my exciting news with all of you.
The last two months have been a bit jumbled for me,
but I am back on track and excited to share this!
I am now a member of the group EHAG
Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild

Many of you,
and especially my family~
know of my Halloween love.

It started before I married my then fiance,
We would gather with friends
and take a little road trip,
 to visit a Haunted House in Vermont.
(was the late 80's really that long ago?)
We would wait in line for hours 
 and happily so~
Most of the Fire and EMTs are volunteer back home.
This was how they made some much needed money for equipment and such.

 I made my life with my husband, 
who was a member of his town Fire Department. 
The volunteers and families gathered
to make a successful run of our own Haunting
for many years
Oh the memories!

As I started my Primitive Journey, 
Halloween only seemed a natural part of it.
I incorporated my love for
Early Gravestone carving,
pumpkins and bats to start.

And so, 
as I made my business plans for 2016~
I decided I wanted to go back to my roots in Primitives.
The images and techniques...
the simplicity and subject matter
that drew me in those years ago.
Halloween is such a big part of those Primitive beginnings!

I am so excited to announce that I am now a part of EHAG
They are a fine gathering of talent 
 and I am enjoying old friends,
 as I make new.
The work is always amazing and one of a kind.

EHAG opens on the last day of each month at 9 pm EST.
( if there are enough of us to make it nice and full)
I will provide you with the link and my offering. 
There is also a link on my side bar
You can check it out now, 
if you would like...
to see the offerings of the past
stop by and browse around.
 I'm sure you will enjoy this gathering as much as I.
 As you browse about,
I'm off to finish a fine ladye  
for my first offering <3 p="">

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Back to Normal

It's no secret that the Winter has been very mild for many....
It may have some baring..
perhaps it has just been a banner year for sniffles and various other maladies.
At least at the cottage.
Somewhere in it all, 
it led up to a hospital stay for me.
I am not one to have too many issues,
let alone a serious one.
Perhaps it was just my turn.
I am home now and quite well~
Other than being a bit tired,
 I am back to normal.
Trying to catch up on my work 
and pick up the pieces where I left off...

Sometimes ideas come 
when there is a shift in our routine.
Sometimes when we are very tired..
many times for me;
 when I am in the shower.
I think all of these came together!
I was frantic, 
having lost most of a week~ 
Early Work would be due! 
I had a wee start, 
but I so wanted to make a bird...

...and then came Wynda.
Named after a sweet friend who shares my love for historical movies and series.
 Underneath her, 
she has a petticoat,
bloomers and fabric boots that lace.
Her eyes give her a persnickey personality 
and a folky appearance.

As I posted my offerings for Early Work~
I held my breath a bit.
I had taken a chance with Miss Wynda...
stepped out of the box a bit 
with those folky eyes that I do love.
It doesn't mean that others will like it...
especially on a more realistic face.

I couldn't have been happier with the response!

....I am so pleased! 
 There are similar friends
 that are coming to life on my worktable
 I hope you will enjoy as well.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


I'm not quite sure where February has gone.
it seemed like it had just started and poof~
tomorrow is our last day.
a Leap year at that.

I had such plans...

oh, I did get some clay time~
(it's never enough)
did some inkworks
and of course there were mousels...

But then,
right as Early Works was coming,
I fell ill.
My head was bigger than a house for what seemed days.
Many of us don't get through the Winter without a touch of some sickness.
This was a kick on the pants for sure.
I'm finally on the mend from the second virus 
and suddenly,
 March is nearly here!

While I may have lost some time creating,
 I am excited to move forward.
On the days that I may not have felt well, there were still plans to set in motion
 and research to do.
I'm getting to the end of that process as well....
but more on that when the time is right.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

All Goode Things Come In Layers

A wee sparrow emerges.
She has a merry look about her.

Well...around here they do.
 We are trying to figure out how our "normal" will be with Tim's retirement,
along with some changes still to come.

I am trying to figure out how I want 
The Goode Wife 
to go forward,
I am excited to be back working full time.
Well, I'm not sure if you call doing what you love work,
 unless you factor in the ugly business of paperwork.

So with my head spinning in ideas and wants~
there are requests to do
 to name a few,
I must sit down and think~ 
what do I want?
What do I feel I can offer?
What paths and growths do I want my work to take?

Mrs. Munson is coming along.
She still has a ways to go.

And so there are layers of thoughts and questions I must ask myself.
Each brings a better definition and clarity.

Just as the ink layers upon my paper
clay layers and builds up from it's armature.

I find myself going back, 
to my beginning of this journey.

The love of a 1812 house held,
 as sunlight filtered through the bubbled old glass
I drew the afternoon away.

Trips taken to old cemeteries...
often with lunch along in a paper sack.

The magic of a wee small pin-keep shoe 
that captured my soul when I held it.
The smell of dried grass, Sweet Annie, coffee and wood smoke had and is now ever ingrained in my memory.
My dear friend and a love,
 along with a vision of

Monday, February 1, 2016

February's Most Unusual Gift

It's a very warm February that greets us today.
Quite balmy and Springlike, in fact. 
Nearly 50 degrees....
I may open the windows!
It does fill my head and make it difficult to concentrate on my work on hand.

As much as it calls me to create, I know that we have had no Winter to speak of.
So I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland's White  Rabbit~
In a bit of a hurry.

Get those Spring ideas going!!
Use the energy of the warm February Days while they last~

Grab those trims, 
hit the clay~