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Friday, November 27, 2015

A November Gift


I sit here this morning with a big sigh. Our Thanksgiving is done. We traveled an hour away to enjoy Thanksgiving surrounded by family and mountains. 

Our year of big changes is nearly over and although some of the changes won't fall into place until next year; the hardest parts are over.
Weights are lifted and I am excited to move forward. 

My year of Nonna help is nearly over and I am excited to be back. I will keep a lower profile as I work on some projects that won't come about for a few months, but I am so very excited with it all.


So it is time for me to celebrate and share some goode with all of you. 
You waited patiently as I thought a wee one would afford me a little time to release more patterns. 
Well, he does keep me busy.
 When he  wasn't here, I had to be away from my home as the changes entered my life and needed quite a bit of attention.
 I am blessed with amazing family that helped when I couldn't, so everything would fall into place. 
Thank you, dear friends and family...with all of my heart.

 So now it is time, to pick up those intentions and let them roll. 
You should start seeing me here more.
 To start it off, I think we need these three pictures to become patterns. 
Oh yes... they are ready!
...And what goode is a pattern release without a sale???

So hop over to my Etsy shop HERE
and enjoy 20% off for Black Friday until midnight on Cyber Monday!

 Do make sure that you add the coupon code 


When you check out.
Enjoy !

Sunday, November 15, 2015

November It Is

It's goode to be busy, right? 
We are shooting beyond, at crazy busy!

This morning my offerings are up for adoption at 
Early Work Mercantile

Miss Cinnamon can do double duty as a tree topper. 
She has new techniques and lots of ruched ribbon. The smidge of blue on top, gives her the look of an old, family treasure.

Tilda the Shrew is ready for the winter and all bundled up. The Almanac says that it will be a very cold and snowy season in the North Woods.

Mark your calender's local friends!

The Soroptimist Holiday Craft Fair
is the one show I am doing for 2015
It is very limited work, but I am loving that I have had the chance to do this!

The show is next Sunday, Nov. 22
10 - 4
Gloversville Middle School

I hope to see everyone!

I will have more to write very soon.
 Some things are just getting settled...
but oh the changes for 2016!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Great News!

Say Hello to Rupert (Sitting)
Franklin (on the run)

They are new patterns!
Yes, that's right! 

Along with Goodie Pumpernickel and her cat, Soot

I know it is only 2 patterns and there are so many I want to release, 

they are coming. 
I shall release a couple to a time into next year.
I will have a small sale each time.
 if you don't see the ones that you are wishing on right now, 
(leaping Frog and Ebeneezer)
they are currently in the model stage.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Just A little News

Hi everyone! 
Thanks so much for stopping by. 
I wanted to let all of my local friends know that I will not be at the 
Harvest Festival 
Sharon Springs
this year.

It was a difficult decision, but it is just too difficult to make enough items,
I will check out the show as a visitor instead~

I will miss you all, but I WILL be back next year!

I may be able to squeeze a few things in for a small Picture Trail show~ Stay tuned for details!


I will be doing the Gloversville Show in Nov.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September Inspires

How is it that the days can pass so quickly?
The Wee Cottage is so full of life and laughter.

Tommy keeps us busy during the week days.
Yes, us~ Tim is between jobs, so he has been busy with the garden...
and keeping us in goode eats.
Tommy is starting to get around, 
so it is nice to have Grampa home for now to do the cooking, 
and tend the harvest...
and sneak in some 
Tommy time!

Early Work Mercantile opened
at midnight.
You never know when you put something up, just how it would be received.
you can put your heart up for all to see,
 and it can be a dud. 
I like to challenge myself with my sculpts and needle techniques....

what a surprise this morning!
I have been working through all my notes and messages.
 I appreciate all of them 
and am thankful to have 
so many that wish to adopt!

This month I was intrigued by a woman from Oregon and her family
by the last name of Dunn.
I enjoyed looking up the women of the Oregon Trail
and the men who lead the way~
and scouting
The women left comforts
and finery.
trading silk for linen.

It was only fitting
to name her after someone that inspired me so much.

I also have been using nap time to my needling advantage...
see the red garland in the picture above?
It is corn from our garden.
Isn't it beautiful?

So while it has been too long since my last post,
I have been keeping full days 
and enjoying life here at the cottage.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Squeezing Out Every Last Drop of Summer

We've had a wonderful Summer, 
wrapped up in family and fun.

Outdoor concerts, 
picnicking along the Mohawk River 
Saratoga Park...

The dog days of Summer have even held celebration!
 Jess moved in with her doggie, Sam and the "pursnickety" kitty, Delores.
(Yes, that is Jess above with her "stinky face")

Many a hot dog and hamburger have been grilled....
Tim's youngest daughter and her boyfriend signed papers on their new home and new view!

Tim sent her a text last Sunday morning stating that we were headed her way and had bacon!

There is a flea Market, 
every Sunday,
at the bottom of her hill; 
Spring til Fall.
Did I mention her view?

We have also started a fun tradition for all of us:

We gather as a family at alternating houses every Sunday,
to enjoy a meal.
Breakfast or dinner...
the Host has the main course and the others bring a side dish.
We've had fun, trying out Pinterest recipes!

As College starts Monday for Jess...
and the days get cooler, 
we will embrace Fall as it comes.
We have apple picking plans, 
Irish Festival, 
a clam bake
 and even a yearly Fall Picnic...
at night!

It's amazing fun 

On Wednesday, 
I offered Hannelore on my Goode Wife Facebook page.
   She didn't make it on to Early Work, 
but Face Book was new for me.

I was amazed at the requests! 

I need to get sculpting some more, it seems...

and not just Pumpkin Ladyes....

Yes.. there is a new Ravenskull in the works...

she's a surprise....
but first, 
I have a few more Summer days to enjoy.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Meet Brimstone
Sometimes inspiration comes from in a strong voice, 
saying NOW is the time.
This needs to happen 
and you are ready.

you think so?

Take a deep breath and trust
that it is so.
and don't let the notion of
"what if"
grab hold
and keep you captured.
trust in the voice.
~ * ~

Sometimes you just know that it is time to take and breathe new life into characters
that you
and others enjoy.

What is Art if we keep doing the same old?
If we don't work on other parts of the journey, besides design?
there is always a part of us 
needing to 

If you haven't had a chance to stop in and visit Early Work Mercantile~ 
grab a cuppa and enjoy! 
The picture below will take you there.
I am already working on the Gathering next month!

There is also one  fussy one that didn't make the offerings...
She will be fashionably late,
 and will be offered on my Facebook Business page when she is ready.

As you know, 
these ladies are limited and different each year.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pedaling Along Summer's Road

Summer is moving along,
 like riding a bike; 
I keep pedaling and enjoying all that it has to offer. 
We are making lots of memories.

Soon we will head North,
 and gather as one big family.
The Walsh clan continues to grow with new babies
 and one  the way.. 
well, one for now. 

It is fun to watch as we celebrate the first year of some
and  the welcoming of new wee ones.
My girls are busy with some of the changes ahead 
and although we can't always gather as often as we would like,
  we take advantage of opportunity.

The garden is coming along nicely 
and I enjoy getting out to harvest.
There is nothing like hands in the soil and hands to pick Mother Earth's bounty.

Enjoying a walk among all of the gardens~
flowers or food makes no difference,
it is the walk that brings me to the magic.

Above is last Summer's try with new pumpkin and snowfolk.
(and how I set the eyes in place)
It got a bit busy, but not forgotten.
We all have a basket or box with 
(UnFinished Offerings)

 As you can tell, 
I have had fun playing around with the basic pattern.
I LOVE that they each carry their own spirit.
the two orange ones are the same pattern.
they are my 

One of my favorite things about Summer, 
is the opportunity to give back.
To use my gift to raise money for the Komen Foundation.
I can honor my Vermont roots and family...
and to encourage others.
One may not be able to run the race...
but volunteering time or pieces such as Pip
are always so important.
what ever is special to you and your heart...give of yourself,
every little bit helps.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sunny With A Chance Of Changes

Why is it that those long Summer days can speed by, 
fast as lightening?

It has been a very rainy June.
Part of the garden is happy 
part is well...yellowing.

The firecrackers have died down 
and now I can listen 
to the Summer sounds...
the wail of the trains...
the early birdsong
the whish of cars.

In it all, there are changes for us here.
Possibly a few in the next couple of months.
I won't jinx anything in speaking of possibility.

What I can share ~

My youngest daughter Jessie, 
will be attending college not far from me.

Her beau, Matt is already taking classes there and although he commutes,
Jess has asked if she could bunk in during her schooling.

You can see me smiling and dancing, I know.
I talk with my girls every couple of days, but every Mom secretly loves when they come back.
No matter how long
how short.

She took this past semester off, 
which we all felt was needed after the sudden loss of her Granma.
She is now ready to try a different college.

When she isn't studying or with her 
She will be learning the pattern business...
following her creative voice.

all those years ago,
when we were at the 1812 House~
A wee lass would play with the doll house 
that is now here at the Cottage.

It is time for her to wrap up in all that has been the Good Wives,
and see 
if it is her heart also.

no matter what she does, or where she goes...
she will always have 
her creative voice.

Friday, June 19, 2015


I've worked very few jobs in my life that had weekends off.

Even rarer, was the just one job option.
If I had a Monday through Friday gig,
 I had a part time job that kept me busy during the weekend. 
Then the kids came along...
and the caregiving....

Now that I am doing Nonnie duties,
I at least have the sense of a Monday through Friday routine.
On Friday afternoon, my mind whirls with the possibilities of all that I can create during the weekend.

It's never as much as I'd like.

Summer is here and weekends are booking up with family events.
I can tell you that I am having a blast.

My finished pieces may be fewer...
It seems like it takes forever to finish pieces in 3 weeks that I would have done in 3 days...

But I my note book is just as busy...
I am very happy taking the time to focus  more on the piece and making it all that I know it can be.
Not feeling rushed like before.

Those scattered ideas sketched on anything I have handy are just as dependable...

they keep coming.

Just like the weekends. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Nag, Nag, Nag

I draw most every day.

 Sometimes, I just take long enough to put what is nagging in my head onto paper. 
Other times, I will fill pages. 
Within a day or two, I sift thru them with an editing eye and over time I will have a nice pile. 
When the time is right, they will say hello to the world in one form or another.

Last year, I was taken with our large group of starlings...and well, I came across some sketches a few days ago.
 Some things nag at you to put them on paper, and then when they feel it is time to step out, they keep at you until you cave in...
She still has a few more hours until she is completed, but I am glad that the nag won.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Where Did I leave Off?

My eye blinks and a week has flown by, it seems.
 I can't believe how fast it goes. 
June already?
The vegetable gardens are in and all but a few cosmos remain yet to go in in their homes.  

We had a few things done on the house and continue to transform it, bit by bit to reflect what is home to us.....

Much of my work happens during nap time, and so I try to judge just what I can accomplish.

Today, a few pen squiggles and this.....
Sometimes tiny stitches...
sometimes paint...
hoping to get more clay into the mix.

It's always changing and I like that.

I have loved more than anything; watching a wee babe grow. 
He just turned 8 months old!

I don't know how time has escaped me...
I do know that there is still much to share.

and so I will try little snippets, more frequently....

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April Fooled....

It's raw and damp out. 
The third day of grey skies...and lets not forget snowflakes.

Welcome to Upstate, New York, right?
Oh Spring, where art thou?

It is late afternoon and my wee one has gone home. 
A fast run to the Post Office to mail out orders.
 A nice hot shower done and cozy jammies are on. 
Tea is brewing and I'm almost ready to get into MY zone. 

Days like this may seem not so great to most, but I don't mind them.. 
they are perfect to create by...and that's exactly what I am diving into~

I have been doing a little embroidery as of late. 
This is a small project to dabble with as time allows with the baby's naps.
(such rare times, make for sloooow progress!)

I am also happily stitching away on offerings for
Early Work Mercantile
 on the eve of the 14th.

My days may be long, 
but if you love what you do, falling into bed very tired means 
that you have a full life.

April snowflakes are just an extra bonus.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Pattern Sale

Raven's Haven Patterns turns 12! 
Click on my Early Mantle Sheep to stop by my Etsy Shop

we are having a


enter coupon code


at check out for 20% off your order. 
Sale ends Thursday at Midnight.

Thank YOU for making 
Raven's Haven
 the success that it is!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Spring Dance

I enjoy all seasons, don't get me wrong....
but there are two that just make me giddy with excitement.
As many of you know, I adore Fall.

And then there is Spring...

This past week, the Hedgerow along the Cottage has become louder.
The Starlings are nesting, the Chickadees dance about, but oh! the Sparrow song!
So, how fitting that my sculpt reflect my heart?

And so goes my offerings

Some sculpts are easier than others, and this one did test my skills. The eyes are the most difficult to set as they have a pupil. 
As I finished dressing her, she whispered her name. 

There is true magic that happens when suddenly you come to a part....
and hear in your heart;
 a name that tugs it.
Of course, her name is Penny; she holds the same spirit as an olde and dear friend. 

No Spring would be a Goode Wife Spring without my favorite bunny.

I smile now as Dutchies are expected to appear  here every year. They started many years ago at shows and were always the first to have new homes. 
Their magic continued as I offered them online...
and suddenly as of the last couple of years, other doll artists have been so inspired. 
It is fun for me to see that something that has come so straight from my heart influences other doll makers.
Whoda thunk, that little ole me would do such a thing?

No Spring would be complete without the traditional Cottontail in the strawberry patch!
I've had so much fun enjoying the circle Dance of Spring.

As it swirls around the Wee Cottage, 
the inspire swirls around my head.

Oh! the joys of Spring just make me so happy.
 As the Earth renews, so doesn't my heart!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Don't Count Me Out!


Did you wonder where I went?
I do hibernate during the Winter.
It's not to say that I don't enjoy it;
I just hunker down...
sip hot chocolate~
make hearty soups~
and count my blessings that snowstorms are enjoyed from my window.

This Winter, I've had a wee lad to hibernate with.

We have rocked and snuggled the days away.
He just turned 5 months old....
and as with my own,
 I wonder where the time went.

My creating time has been stolen moments or time crunch weekends.
The Pattern Shoppe on Etsy has kept me very busy after my Wee Lad has gone home....

I'm pulling Spring in!
kicking and screaming, 
the best way that I know how...
 bunnies and mousies,
tufts of moss...
keeping things white and light...

This weekend, the clocks will change and bring more light.

The Wee Lad will spend shorter days with Nonnie.

...and I am excited to be working away. 
There are a few pieces to finish,
deadlines to meet~ 
 an expansion that I have wanted to do for a couple years.

Bit by bit;
you will see
I was never really gone...
I was just hibernating.